Saturday, April 11, 2009

Projects are Blooming

Last Tuesday, I performed a piece with Kelli Rudick and Wes Stitt. It was a 12 minute improvised set of electronic music guided by a video made by Wes. Here is a clip:
                                                            (Click Here)
Please excuse how douchbaggy I sound when I describe my set up. I had my Ring Modulator, Evolver, a DOD Delay pedal (the world's shittiest digital delay but glorious in it's failures) and two tape players. Most of the tapes I used were synth pieces made on a Serge modular at Bard College or subliminal message tapes. When I start plugging in all those wires it produces a feeling inside similar to the way a turkey dinner makes one feel. Glazed eyes, sweat, heavy breathing.... The performance was succesful, and we are going to ride this wave of communal flouresence to bigger and better things.Check out Shoestring's blog for more updates and videos, as well as JustMakingStuff.  Mark Boyd has become the instigator, agitator and organizer for all this extravagance. So exciting. Next up- playing music and video in this space in Spruce Pine. Apparently it is an old factory. It is getting harder and harder to sleep with all of these ideas tumbling around the ol' brain reverb chamber.

MB has also gotten a hold of a silent generator. It seems that currently, the possibilities are endless. I would love to perform some of my older Hofwyl stuff out on the knoll or in the woods in the dark. A Kegs of Acid show on top of a mountain? Any other ideas? Let me know:

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