Friday, May 22, 2009

Kegs of Acid Tour Documents

Market Hotel, Brooklyn: Where we played in a Magic Crepe Paper Cave(and were really drunk)

Talbot Island, Florida: We played next door to a bird sanctuary and swam in a phosphorescent river. Not Kidding.

Chapel Hill, NC: Where we played in a bar called "The Cave"

Vitamin B12, Not Acid, MOM

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Hamburglar

I just got back from tour. We played some good shows, some drunk sloppy shows, and some goddam righteous shows. Stay tuned for pictures.

We also now have a Kegs of Acid website,
We have finished mastering our first album, titled "This is the First Kegs of Acid Album". Expect more on that soon.
We also just got test pressings of our first 7" split with Prince Rama of Ayodhya, called "The Dream Team"

I was sad to see it all end, but I'm glad to be back on a somewhat regular schedule and go to bed before 4 in the morning. I learned alot, though. Let me lay some knowledge on you that I was able to discover while out on the road.

1. The Hamburglar has supernatural powers on par with a god. The Hamburglar came down from heaven on the back of a crystal dolphin with R2-D2 riding behind him and landed in Jamaica where they are building a community of dedicated followers.
2. The Hamburglar invented weed.
3. The Hamburglar is jealous god and demands sacrifice and adoration.
4. Ronald McDonald is an evil underworld lord and the hamburgers which the Hamburglar tries to steal represent secret knowledge that Ronald lords over humanity. These "hamburgers" include the secrets of time travel and communication with women.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kegs of Acid Tour 2009 is Upon Us

Recently I have been a very busy fellow here at Penland. End of session, sociopathic instructor, and of course planning Kegs of Acid's spring tour. Fortuitous events have transpired and now the full roster of musicians includes: Chris Burke, Senator Joshua Henry Carrigan, Justin Anderson, Matt Welch and David MacNutt (who with Brett Bennet combine to form MOTORMAN).

Show Dates:
5/9: Boston- WhiteHaus Early Set
5/9: Boston- EmeraldForest w/Motorman, Truman Peyote, Quilts
5/10,5/11: Recording
5/12: Brooklyn- Market Hotel w/Motorman,Liturgy, Others TBA
5/13: Wesleyan University- House Party/End of Session Riotz w/ Motorman
5/14: Chapel Hill,NC- The Cave w/ Motorman, Nate and Morgan
5/15: Talbot Island, FL- w/Motorman, Ospreys, Owls, Eagles, Flamingoes, Etc.
We are playing on an island in the middle of the marsh with all of our friends from forever, right next to a bird sanctuary. MAP. Its gonna be RIGHTEOUS!!
5/16: St. Augustine FL*,- The Nest w/ Motorman, Mr.Virga
*Please note that St. Augustine is our nation's oldest city

So, get ready, East Coast of America. Here we come.

Database of Anemograms, Pt.1

A selection of 5 details from Anemograms made during the past year. This is part of an ongoing project to catalog and dissect the visual information generated by the interaction between the wind and the anemograph system (Currently machine #5 and #6).