Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Question of Harmony

(for scale comparison)

This monstrosity is something I built during Leddelle Moe's class, "Armatures and Skins". The pictures above show two anemographs connected by a funnel form which is covered in plastic. I am curious about the relationship between the drawings produced by two anemographs under (nearly) identical wind stimulus. I am curious: will the drawings be harmonious? The two anemographs are similar in design, but vastly different in scale. I need to work a little more on this piece, but it should be completed in the near future, hopefully in time for the Core show in October.

Database of Anemographical Images, Pt. 3

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunny Ridge Lane, Durham, NC

My old room

My Favorite Store in the Whole World

I have been feeling nostalgic for Mississippi recently, and I wanted to share these pictures of the best rummage store I have ever been to. It does not have a name, or prices on anything, and I am pretty sure it is made entirely out of tin. When it rains, you cannot hear anybody speak. That's how I bought a reel to reel for dirt cheap.