Monday, April 25, 2011

Model Citizens and Updates

I apologize for it being so long since updating last. It has been an exciting couple of weeks.
It all started inauspiciously, however, when I got waitlisted at NC State for the industrial design and outright denied for MIT's ACT program. Oh well.

So then I was in Florida and Mississippi for about two weeks visiting family and doing some work on the farm in Mississippi. While there, I got an unexpected e-mail inviting me to be a part of Model Citizens NYC's 2011 show for Design Week. It is going to be held in the Chelsea Art Museum from May 12th - 15th.
I am extremely excited to be a part of this show, please check out their website and see what Model Citizens is all about, it's a really awesome concept and the artists/designers/ craftspeople they select and support are super talented. I'm extremely flattered and excited to be a part of what they are doing. If you live in NYC, please please stop by and say hi. I will be showing my ceramic work and some drawings of cups.
In other news, if you live in Chapel Hill, please check out the new show at LIGHT going up on May 7th. I will have some drawings and new tableware. LIGHT is a fantastic gallery, and I am really happy to be showing work with artist's whose work I respect as much as Amy Tavern and Leigh Suggs. Cindy, who owns and curates the gallery has been extremely supportive of my work ever since we took Clarence Morgan's class and sat next to each other during the summer of 2010.

This is a picture of the ceiling in Mississippi. I took some photos there which I will post soon.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mark Warren, A Retrospective

I am giving a talk at the 50th anniversary of the elementary school where I attended, and where my mother still teaches kindergarten. My mom has kept what appears to be every single drawing I have ever done in a box. No matter how strange or bizarre my obsessions were, she always encouraged me. I can only imagine what it would be like to hear a 5 year old ramble on and on about marsupials and dinosaurs.
I must have been a very odd kid. Thanks to Kelly Sherrod for taking these pictures!