Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guten Abend, Y'all

So... after a big push into the information superhighway, I have been curiously silent.
Watching. Waiting. Planning.
What is that guy up to? I'm sure is the hot question of the moment. Well...
As a part of the Penland Core Program (if you are thinking of applying you should) we have the winters off, and the rest of the year is very much "on". We have just received our newest batch of hatchling eaglets ready to soar: Ian Henderson, Amanda Thatch, Rosina Saqib, Ele Annad, and Daniel Beck. They arrived last week in a snowstorm. Due to their hale, hearty natures, they all made it safe. Since then, we have been busy as a group settling in to our house, getting ready for the year, participating in team building exercises (trust falls, glider construction, name games, etc.)
So anyways, the winter time of introspection and tangential research at a leisurely pace is over. I hope to post some images of things I have made in those wintry months, but I will have to do some serious time management, never one of my strongest suits.

Current projects:
  • A new piece in the "Engine Series"
  • Candlesticks
  • Spiffing up the new studio space and roomspace
  • Two new members of the "Inscrutable Series"
  • Transferring roughly 4 hours of tape music recorded in Philadelphia with Senator Carrigan
  • And of course,
Keep watching the skies.....