Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Cups, eHow.com, etc

New cups. Slipcast, Cone 10
I love this faux marble trippy background.

In case you wondered, I use the following recipe for this translucent body:
Grolleg: 41%
G200 feldspar: 41%
SiO2 (200 mesh): 18%
and for a batch of 50 pounds, 75grams Sodium Silicate
Thats it, super easy and really pretty.
credit where credit is due- Tom Spleth came up with recipe, and I'm never kidding when I say that he has taught me everything I know about ceramics.

Also, check out eHow.com's article on identifying slip cast work, in which I am the "expert" consulted. Its good information, and I'm not (too) nitpicky, so I would say it is mostly correct. The author of the article was supercool, and it was really fun to get interviewed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Work, July 2011

Slipcast, Cone 10
Fired in my sweet new electric kiln. This is the first batch.

Mushroom Pieces

Not really planned, but a funny thing happens when I combine a bowl and a vase of the new series.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kegs of Acid Music Video

Josh Carrigan and I made this video while I was in Philadelphia a few months ago. The footage is from my house in Mississippi, Josh's trip to Florida, and New Years Eve 2011, taken by Josh. We had no idea how to use iMovie, and this was the result.
The soundtrack is from a sound collage we made for the first Kegs of Acid tour, under the guru leadership of Chris Burke.