Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Cups, eHow.com, etc

New cups. Slipcast, Cone 10
I love this faux marble trippy background.

In case you wondered, I use the following recipe for this translucent body:
Grolleg: 41%
G200 feldspar: 41%
SiO2 (200 mesh): 18%
and for a batch of 50 pounds, 75grams Sodium Silicate
Thats it, super easy and really pretty.
credit where credit is due- Tom Spleth came up with recipe, and I'm never kidding when I say that he has taught me everything I know about ceramics.

Also, check out eHow.com's article on identifying slip cast work, in which I am the "expert" consulted. Its good information, and I'm not (too) nitpicky, so I would say it is mostly correct. The author of the article was supercool, and it was really fun to get interviewed.

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