Friday, April 3, 2009


Music is a system of organizing sound. I organize sound often. I like it more than organizing art, generally. In May, I am going on tour with the band I started with my friend Chris. We are Kegs of Acid. Tentatively, here is a schedule:
5/8: Asheville
5/9: Richmond
5/10: Baltimore
5/11: Brooklyn
5/12: Philly
5/14: Chapel Hill
5/15: Charleston
5/16: St. Augustine
But what will it sound like? Look at that picture to the right. Now, imagine those creatures playing heavy psychedelic surf rock filtered through a lack of discernible skill, ring modulators, fuzz pedals, delays, and old amps. Suppose that each song is in some way reflective of the philosophy proposed in the greatest movie of all time, Point Break. Now imagine these creatures flying through outer space on skateboards. Now imagine them eating tacos and watching Ninja Turtles III, Turtles in Time. Now imagine them maybe playing a concert for you. Wouldn't that be awesome? So you should come to a show.


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  1. dude, i am so totally subscribed to this! great work! keep it up.