Monday, August 30, 2010


As I am officially done taking classes at Penland until the Winter, I thought it might be interesting to make a list of all the classes I have taken while being a student here. I could write about each of these teachers, but it would not do them justice. I am thankful to each of them for their willingness to share information that has taken them a lifetime to accumulate.

Clarence Morgan- Painting: Color, Repetition
Brian Boggs- Hand Tools: Sharpening, Use, Design
Ledelle Moe- Armatures and Skins
Susan Halls- Animal Sculpture: Anatomy, Material
Jay Burnham Kidwell- Blacksmithing
Tom Spleth- Slipcasting and Moldmaking
Yuri Kobayashi- Joinery: Wood
Phil Renato- Plastics: Casting + Moldmaking, Rapid Prototyping, Fabrication
Jo Whaley- Photography: Lighting, Composition
Mark Gardner and Stoney Lamar- Sculptural Wood Carving

Now, a week off to get things together for the Core Show in October. And in the fall an independent study with Tom Spleth.

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