Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Works in Progress

These are some in process shots I have taken today and yesterday in Jo Whaley's class "The Theater in Photography" focusing on studio photography, lighting, and costume. I am having a good time thus far and excited about taking more weird pictures.

I have taken two other classes this summer, Yuri Kobayashi's "Joinery, Joinery, Joinery" and Phil Renato's "Polymer Chain Reactions". Both were awesome. Summer is righteous.

Two songs I have been listening to on repeat: Joe Walsh- "Life of Illusion", and Them-"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"


  1. Love the pics, brother. You'll have to explain these past 3 classes to me next time we talk.

    Love ya.

  2. The Baby Blue song is such a lovely song, gonna have to add it to my playlist too- right between Akon and Lady Gaga.

    {really really just kidding- not about liking the song, though- I really do}

    Spent the past few days with Kati and Mom. And, um, that's all I have to say about that.

  3. nice bob cover! how has this passed beneath my radar of his covers, i wonder?

    anyway, i like that goggled/furred girl.

    hope penland is still delightful!