Sunday, July 12, 2009

30th Post: A Special Tribute to the Lite Sounds of the 70's

Well, this is my thirtieth post, and to celebrate I am presenting a series of videos from youtube. It's been quite a while since I have written anything here, so I will take a few moments to explain my love of the smooth, lite sounds of the 70's. Primarily, it reminds me of the summers of my childhood, driving around in my mom's van. Now, I was not born in the 70's. I was a child of the mid and late 80's, but when my mom listened to the radio, she would listen to the soft classic rock station in Jacksonville (Lite 96.1) This is all before I was old enough to really have opinions of music, but I realize now that this music is much more influential on my own personal taste than I would ever like to admit. Say what you will, these are some great songs, and the perfect way to celebrate a summer. Thanks.

Thats right, two Fleetwood Mac videos. That's just how good they are.


  1. 30 posts and a Fleetwood Mac 2-fer... perfect! Trivia: one of my personal fave Fleetwood Mac vids is them with the USC marching band doing Tusk. What's not to love???

  2. I'm totally there with ya, brother! All those songs take me back to the van, carpool, the Atlantic Beach house. . .

    And I love Fleetwood Mac too, but personally "Everywhere" and... well, frankly I can't remember the other one, but I'm too lazy to look.

    Glad to find your blog (via the email mom forwarded to me)- I couldn't find it by scouring facebook. The boys and I are about the watch the Penland festivities.

  3. i drank the koolaid. i listened to ALL of the youtube videos including stevie nicks' insights. it was so good.